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Dofreeze Launches Eurocake Butter Cookies in UAE

Dofreeze Launches Eurocake Butter Cookies in UAE Through Transmed Overseas Incorporated – UAE       

Buttery and crumbly with just the right amount of sweetness, Eurocake’s take on the classic Danish treat poised to become everyone’s  favorite. 

Dubai, UAE – November 18, 2019 – Dofreeze LLC, a Dubai-based diversified, forward-thinking and trendsetting bakery snacking business producing market-leading products across four continents to over 50 countries, announced that its Eurocake brand has successfully launched the new Butter Cookies product in the UAE, with distribution efforts being handled by Transmed.

Eurocake Butter Cookies join an established family of delicious, wholesome and premium snacks as manufactured by Dofreeze, including American-Style Soft and Chewy Cookies, Chocolate Chip Brownie, Lova Chocolate Molten Cake, Sliced Pound Cake, Jumbo Croissants, Jumbo Twincakes and the recently introduced perfect snacks to bring to school Pain au Lait with Milk Filling and many more, and are poised to become a UAE and everyone’s favorite. 

Packaged in various shapes and varieties in the tradition of the classic Danish recipe, Eurocake Butter Cookies are as visually interesting to look at as they are ready to eat, baked in a circle, square, oval, ring, pretzel-like and heart-shaped forms. These unleavened cookies consist of butter, milk, flour, and sugar, and are often categorized as a “crisp cookie” because of its texture – partly because of the quantity of butter, milk, and sugar used topped with sugar crystals as a finishing touch. 

“Though the traditional butter cookie has its roots in Denmark, is often served around Christmas time in European countries and North America and has been exported for many years by its home nation – in particular to the US and Asia – our take on the quintessential treat is something special,” says Aamer Fayyaz, CEO of Dofreeze LLC. “We inject a one-of-kind buttery and milky goodness into every cookie before it goes into the package, adding a special technique and sweetness that cookie lovers will truly enjoy throughout the upcoming festive season and the everyday lifestyle. 

“UAE launch of the new Eurocake Butter Cookies was a success, we also look forward to quite the successful launch in Malaysia and in Saudi Arabia in the next few months.

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