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Eurocake Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

This summer we’ve got you covered. Have a delectable Ice Cream Sandwich dessert made out of Eurocake Soft & Chewy Cookies in very easy delicious steps.


  • 1/2 liter of your favorite ice cream 
  • 1 box of your favorite Eurocake Soft & Chewy Cookies (View for Complete Cookie Range)
  • 80 g of milk chocolate
  • 150 g of white chocolate
  • Round cookie cutter to fit your cookie
  • Saran wrap to create your ice cream patties
  • Wax paper to place your sandwiches


Take your cookie cutter and make sure it’s a good fit for our Eurocake Soft & Chewy Cookies. Take the saran wrap and place it over your cookie cutter in order to create several patties and freeze them. (Handling the ice cream to create the patties will melt it a bit, this is why we create the patties with saran wrap and freeze them for a few minutes) while your patties are in the freezer you can proceed to melt your chocolate in the microwave which goes in 30-second intervals and mixing softly until you get the desired consistency. Because some chocolates don’t really melt soft enough for dipping, you can add a few drops of cooking grade coconut oil to soften your chocolate.  

Drizzle your ice cream sandwiches by alternating the colors of your chocolate, from milk to white. At this point, you can choose to add other garnishes such as sprinkles, nuts, or dried fruits of your choice. Please put the sandwiches on the wax paper and freeze your sandwiches till serving time. 

Additional Notes:

In this video we are using peanut butter cup flavored ice cream with Eurocake Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies. You can use whichever chocolate you prefer, like extra dark or add nuts to your melted chocolate for more texture. You can also garnish with sprinkles, nuts, or dried fruits! 

Happy Serving your new dessert! ♥️


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