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Eurocake Layered Coconut Lime Pie Video Tutorial

It’s time to celebrate the wonder of women in our lives! Make this day extra special by preparing something extraordinary to your wife, your mother, and those superwomen of your lives.

Eurocake Layered Coconut Lime Pie is very easy to make, simply watch this video. 


For the filling

1 can of condensed milk 

8 ounces of cream cheese

6 oz of fresh lemon juice 

1/4 cup of unsweetened coconut

One piping bag


For the pie layers:

Two boxes of Eurocake Coconut Soft and Chewy Cookies

1/4 cup of simple syrup

1/2 cup of drinking water

2 tbs of fresh lime juice



6 Thin lime slices

1 tbs grated lime rind 


In a bowl mix the cream cheese, lime juice, and unsweetened coconut. 

Start assembling the cakes by dipping one cookie in the simple syrup water and laying it on your plate, followed by the pie filling. Continue this sequence until three cookies are stacked, finalize with the mix and decorate with grated time rind and lime slice. 

Makes 6 very tropical-flavored pies. 


Happy Mother’s Day!


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