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Cookie enthusiasts everywhere can now sink their sweet tooth into and enjoy a premium treat in the style of classic American melt-in-your-mouth soft cookies. With the Eurocake name on the top of the packaging, snack lovers guarantee its freshness, robust consistency, and only the best ingredients.”

One bite of this scrumptious Eurocake American-style Soft and Chewy Cookies and you’ll understand why our recently launched cookies became the best selling product in the market and have become everyone’s favorite. Boasting no added preservatives, prebiotic, and source of fiber. 

Available in five delicious flavors of Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip. Rainbow, Coconut, and Brownie cookie variants.

Joining our Cookies range is the traditional Danish butter cookies. Packaged in various shapes and varieties in the tradition of the classic Danish recipe, Eurocake Butter Cookies are as visually interesting to look at as they are ready to eat, baked in a circle, square, oval, ring, pretzel-like and heart-shaped forms. These unleavened cookies consist of butter, milk, flour, and sugar. They are often categorized as a “crisp cookie” because of its texture – partly because of the quantity of butter, milk, and sugar used topped with sugar crystals as a finishing touch.

Eurocke’s first product entry into the high-demand “savory snacks market” is the launch of the palatable new Mexicana Cookie Pretzels, a unique pretzel-shaped savory cookie treat that is slated to be the first of multiple products poised to dominate the category with bold Spicy Chili flavor and salty overtones.

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