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Dofreeze LLC Announces Eurocake Products are now Available at UAE’s LuLu Hypermarket  

Dofreeze LLC Announces Eurocake Products are now Available at UAE’s LuLu Hypermarket  

Transmed to distribute myriad of premium baked goods products – including Lifestyle Brownies, Soft and Chewy Cookies and Molten Lova Cake – as Q4 begins on ultra-positive note for Dubai-based company.

Dubai, UAE – November 2, 2018 – Dofreeze LLC, the Dubai-based forward-thinking and trend-setting bakery snacking company responsible for the market-leading products offered by the Eurocake brand, proudly announced that Eurocake products are now available at the UAE’s LuLu Hypermarkets, headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Transmed is the distributor for Eurocake products going to LuLu Hypermarket, tasked with delivering the brand’s most coveted snacks including Lifestyle Brownies, Soft and Chewy American-Style Cookies and Molten Lova Cake.

“This is a major win-win for the Eurocake brand and LuLu Hypermarket, and a great way to start Q4 as Dofreeze and Eurocake aim to close the year on an ultra-positive note,” says Aamer Fayyaz, CEO of Dofreeze LLC.

Fayyaz went on to add that nine SKUs is now sold and featured at LuLu Hypermarkets, and that Dofreeze will work closely with Transmed to ensure a successful on-shelf launch of Eurocake products. Product sampling of the new Soft and Chewy Cookies and Chocolate Molten Lova Cake will be available throughout the month of November.

Lulu is one of the largest retail chains in Asia and is the largest in the Middle East, with 154 outlets in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and research firm Deloitte having recently placed it amongst the world’s 50 fastest-growing retailers.

The product line making the biggest splash in Eurocake’s collection of premium baked snacks as of late is the new American-Style Soft and Chewy Cookies, available in four delicious variations including Brownie, Coconut, Rainbow and classic Chocolate Chip.

Dofreeze LLC is located at 16003 Food and Beverage Zone in Dubai Industrial City and can be reached by calling (+971 4) 8858330/31/32. For more information visit www.Dofreeze.com or email info@Dofreeze.com.

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